LingLing Part Two

 LingLing uses her ability to create fragrances, and  refines the essence of that first mountain lily still wearing that scent to this day. Her infatuation with Feng Tian is unknown even to her brother.

     She is waiting until she becomes the Cloud Mountain Sect Leader to share her true feelings to Feng Tian. She wants to feel she is his equal even though she is not of noble birth. Right now looking at Feng Tian’s pampering look while he watches the girl sleep it is taking all her internal energy to suppress her killing intent.

     She immediately has the an urge to kick the girl off the chair and take Feng Tian’s coat from her but restrains herself. She needs to maintain the image Feng Tian has of her as a compassionate woman.

      “Feng Tian where did you go with her, did you show her the Cherry Blossom Grove it is so very beautiful this time of year.”LingLing is interested in where they might have been until this hour. Zhang Yu is wondering the same thing.

     While they are engaged in conversation XiXi is peacefully snoring. They all look over at her curled up like a cat, covered in that oversized coat. Each one has their own reaction to the sounds that she is making.

     LingLing breathes a sigh of relief there is no way Feng Tian would like a girl that makes those disgusting noises. She sounds like a Sloth Boar from the Lowlands.

      Zhang Yu is wondering if XiXi drank wine, the only time at home she snores is after a wedding banquet when she has several glasses of wine. He shoots a look at Feng Tian. This house has an array formation around it which prevents his low level of magic to see what is going on throughout to its perimeters, othterwise he would have monitered XiXi.

      Feng Tian thinks XiXi looks cute with her hair long black hair draped on the back of the chair and her small snow white hands barely peeking out from the sleeves of the coat. Her pink lips are parted and you can see her breath as she makes noises he has only heard in an Army barracks. She is a funny girl, he laughs to himself. He remembers all the wine she had consumed and feels a bit guilty.

      Zhang Yu interrupts their thoughts when he says, “Since Miss Yun is back may I put XiXi in the third room down the hall? I noticed it is empty” a He bows to Yun LingLing, “I appreciate you and your brother’s hospitality and will repay your kindness one day.”

      She responds, “Yes, that would be fine, that room faces the morning sun though will that bother your daughter? The sun shines through the windows very early there.” She is marveling at her ability to sound concerned.  “There are extra covers in the fourth drawer of the large wooden dresser with the swans carved on the drawers.”

      “Many thanks Miss Yun, I’m sure it will be very comfortable, she needs to get up early to study.” Zhang Yu hopes she will able to begin her lessons they don’t have much time and today was wasted

      He walks over to pick up XiXi when Feng Tian steps in front of him and says “Please allow me to carry her for you, you must be still be recuperating from your trip here”

      Both Zhang Yu and Yun LingLing stare at Feng Yian.

      Zhang Yu is the first to speak, “Feng Tian I have recovered quite nicely and will take my daughter to her room.” He is starting to be concerned about Feng Tian’s interest in his daughter.

     Although they appear about the same age  they are from two different worlds and he doesn’t want XiXi to be entangled here. Zhang Yu wants to complete this assignment and rush home. He shakes his head, XiXi always attracts the bees and the butterflies wherever she goes.

      LingLing observes Feng Tian she detects he has some interest in this girl, why would he offer to carry the little bitch? It is inappropriate for a man to carry a woman like that.

     After Zhang Yu leaves with XiXi Feng Tian feels LingLing’s eyes staring at him with an intense gaze and quickly looks around to make sure they are gone and says , “Zhang Yu just awoke from me hitting his accupoint , he was asleep for two and a half days and one the after effects is his legs can give out at any time.

      I can’t go into detail but he is unaware of this. I was merely concerned carrying her they might get injured if this happens. Feng Tian you are turning into quite the liar haha… They are leaving on a journey in seven days and I was concerned for them.

    LingLing clutches her hands under her dress, “They are staying here for seven more days?”  

  ”Yes, then we are leaving”

      LingLing is really starting to not like those two intruders, “Why are you going with them? Where?

     Feng Tian doesn’t really feel like going into detail right now , seriously it is none of her business and he is getting annoyed. She should just worry about becoming Sect Leader, it has been her dream for many years. “It’s a long story I will tell you at a later time I’m going to retire to my room now.” Yun Tai should be back within two days.” Feng Tian begins to walk away.

      “Wait, Feng Tian… two days, why isn’t he staying in the cave for ten days or longer? He has been fighting the Demon Wars for fifty years, he needs to replenish his spiritual energy.”

      Why do women ask so many damn questions, he wants to go see XiXi on his way to his room. “LingLing ask him when he gets back.”

     Feng Tian hurries away before she can spit out another word.

      LingLing stands in the outer room. What is going on here, Feng Tian is acting strange.

     Yun Tai always goes into seclusion for at least ten days and there are these two odd strangers here in Yun Tai’s house.

       She is feeling agitated and wants to kick something. LingLing goes into the back courtyard and raises her arms, her long white sleeves are a blur as she turns around and her internal energy blasts out a wave across the trees knocking into several of Yun Tai’s prized peonies turning them to mere particles that blow away in the wind.

      She suddenly feels much better, but Feng Tian I will get more answers from you in the morning. I want to know more about that girl and her father.

         Zhang Yu has placed XiXi in the bed and covered her with the quilted blankets brushing her hair off her face. As he is leaving the room he looks back, she looks so peaceful when she is sleeping. Sleep well. Tomorrow we have much to do.

      Feng Tian goes to his room and lays on the bed with his hands behind his head. He wanted to stop by XiXi’s room just to look at her one more time, but her father was still there.

      Feng Tian’s mind begins picturing all the faces the little beauty had made during the day, he has never seen such an expressive face. Everything she is feeling you can read on that cute little face of hers.

     One minute she is angry, then she is curious, then she is happy, the only look he didn’t like is when she was sad. It caused a pain stabbing in his heart, even when she was angry she was hilarious stomping her foot ordering him around.

     It has only been four days since he met XiXi but he feels he has known her for a very long time, he can’t rid himself of the strange feeling they have some connection.

     She is so natural around him as though she has no ulterior motives and it is so comfortable being around her. XiXi doesn’t try to impress him like the other women he knows.

      Feng Tian laughs trying to imagine her sitting with perfect posture, in an ornately embroidered dress, her hair in an elaborate hairstyle with precious gems, makeup on her face, with a zither bowing to him then saying,

      “Feng Tian may I play the zither for you?

     Feng Tian, I painted this for you.

      Feng Tian here is a poem I created for you

      “Feng Tian …”

      He is starting to laugh so hard at this image in his mind his side hurts.

      Down the hall in another room someone is not laughing, rather cursing that girl. LingLing had come here to see her brother then had planned on going to see Feng Tian in the Feng’s palace in Myriad Cloud City. She didn’t expect to find this situation in the bamboo house.

      She looks at her messy bed and clothes strewn on a chair. That girl certainly made herself at home here, that is my favorite blue dress she picks it up and sees a large red stain on it.

     Her dark brown eyes narrow as she looks at the scene in her bedroom, and her jade like skin turns a shade of red.

      You may have used my things little pest, but you will never have Feng Tian she angrily thinks, as she rips the dress into pieces.

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