LingLing Part One

 Feng Tian reluctantly says, “We should go back” as he brushes her hair behind her ear. Her long black hair between his slender finger is very soft and feels very tempting to his touch. XiXi doesn’t respond immediately and he can see she is half asleep on his chest.

     The sensation of her soft body so close to his heart sends a warm feeling throughout his body. His heart is rapidly beating as her chest rises and falls breathing softly in his embrace. Enjoying the intimacy of this moment he doesn’t immediately wake her up. He frowns thinking of this man Qing Jun she had spoken about earlier.

     As he is playing with a strand of her loose hair he notices the Red Lotus design behind her ear. What does this mean and why have the stars been clustered in the shape of one these past three nights. He remembers this and looks at the night sky towards the East and the constellation was there again. When he is staring up at the night sky a star falsl towards them from the constellation.

     He lightly runs his slender finger across the outline of the Red Lotus and for a split second he thinks the outline is glowing red. It was only for a brief moment but I distinctly saw the red lotus glowing. He decides to touch the imprint again but this time there is no change at all.

     XiXi stirs a little in his arms, she  just felt a small burning sensation behind her ear. She reaches her hand up to touch it and feels Feng Tian’s hand, she opens her eyes half way her eyelashes fluttering trying to open.

     “Feng Tian?” she looks up at him as though she is in a dreamlike state.

    “We should go back” He  abruptlytremoves  his hand from her delicate creamy white neck, her hand touching him  made him realize he was overstepping the bounds. He gulps and his Adam’s Apple rolls up and down,  If we remain any longer I can’t  be sure I will still be a gentleman.

    XiXi leans away from his chest and nods in agreement. She feels dizzy and Feng Tian is looking a little blurry to her.

    It must have been the bubbly wine, it was like drinking a cherry soda but obviously was very potent. The only time at home XiXi was allowed to drink alcohol was at a wedding or when they toasted their ancestors at the annual memorial. Sometimes her friends would bring some to her Saturday feasts and giggle hiding in her room drinking a small bottle. Her mind is getting fuzzy as she is trying to stay awake.

    Before she has time to get her bearings Feng Tian grabs her into his arms and flies down the mountain. On their descent she sees the last of the stream of Wind Whisps heading off through the sky.

     Her mind is recalling the beauty of the bright designs they created in the night sky. She looks up at Feng Tian and thanks him again her heart for being a friend in this strange place.

    Qing Jun were you sitting by our tree thinking about me?{If Feng Tian knew what she was thinking right now …}.

     She closes her eyes and nestles in Feng Tian’s arms as they arrive back at the bamboo house.

     He quickly makes her comfortable in a big chair in the outer room, he doesn’t think it would be a good idea to take her to LingLing’s room. He had told her father earlier he was going to the hot spring to show her around Yun Tai’s  gardens but Feng Tian realized they had stayed out too late for it to be appropriate. Feng Tian nudges her to wake up but she seems as though she was rather sound asleep.

     Feng Tian hears someone approaching  but the steps are too light to be Zhang Yu and he definitely recognizes the mountain  lily scent, it is the fragrance LingLing always wears. I am glad I  didn’t drink any of the cloud berry wine. She is not easy to deal with and will want some explanations because we are all here in Yun Tai’s house.

     “LingLing !”  They spent many years together in the mountains with The Old Master so he regards her as his sister. He only has brothers so he enjoys this ‘little sister’. “Did you come to welcome Yun Tai when he returns from seclusion in the cave?”

     ” I met Zhang Yu when I came earlier”, She has a hidden glare as she looks over at XiXi asleep in the chair wearing Feng Tian’s cloak.

     Feng Tian is about to say something when Zhang Yu walks into the room. “Feng Tian I expected you two home earlier” he says with fatherly concern. If he didn’t trust Feng Tian he would have put a locator spell on XiXi so he could transport her back if she was in any danger. He still might he is thinking, yes that is a good idea.

     Yes, LingLing is thinking, where were you two until this hour? She had been patiently waiting for Feng Tian ever since this old man said he went with XiXi. Patience isn’t one of her three virtues she possesses. She is a rare beauty with exotic looks and unparalleled skills sought after by every nobleman in the Seven Kingdoms, but she only had her brother Yun Tai and Feng Tian in her eyes. Ling Ling is very possessive of these two men and doesn’t allow any woman to encroach on her territory.

     XiXi is sound asleep unaware a tigress dressed like a serene goddess is looking at her like her prey. Even Zhang Yu and Feng Tian are unaware of the animosity Ling Ling is feeling right now towards this girl who just spent time alone with Feng Tian and is wearing his coat. Feng Tian has never been able to read LingLing’s emotions or her true self. Her cultivation level is almost as high as Yun Tai’s and she has been with the Cloud Mountain Sect since she left her adopted father Yun Pei Shan’s mountain home.

     If you had to compare LingLing to someone personality wise and in ability, it would have to be his brother Feng Che. She is his female counterpart, aloof, cold but devoted to those she loves. She has ambition and there is talk of her being the first female Sect Leader in all of Cloud Kingdom. LingLing is admired by all the men and women of Cloud Kingdom and many thought Feng Che would take her as his wife when the time comes for her to marry.

     They would be a beautiful power couple helping to maintain The Righteous Order. Unfortunately, most likely because their personalities are very similar, they haven’t got along since they were children practicing together with The Old Master. This fact doesn’t deter people from gossiping and his family from trying to set up a marriage between them.

     Although she isn’t of noble birth she is the adopted daughter of Yun Pei Shan, Feng Che’s fathers oldest and most trusted friend. Feng Li Jie, Feng Che’s father, would like nothing more than his son to marry such a strong and beautiful woman,  delicate women are fine for his other sons. But, he knows Feng Che  needs a wife that can stand together with him to help maintain The Order.

     LingLing has loved Feng Tian since she first saw him come to Yun Pei Shan’s mountain home to start his training. She was practicing with Feng Che and saw Feng Tian sitting on a log watching them with disinterest in his deep green eyes. He was so handsome and the sun shining on him seem to highlight his perfect features making him look like a young god. 

     Feng Che went over to him and kicked him off the log laughed and said “Brother you have arrived!”

     Feng Tian jumped off the ground and kicked towards Feng Che’s head as fast as a wind from hell, Feng Che blocked it with a palm strike sending Feng Tian flying. He had no cultivation skills at all, but raced back to where Feng  Che stood laughing and flew into the air and spun three times and kicked towards the back of Feng Che’s head. Feng Che had sensed his movements before he could complete the kick and once again sent him flying. This time Feng Tian landed in the Phosper Pine tree with so much force three branches fell.

     He sat on the lone branch left midway up the tree  laughing, brushing off the dust he had stirred up on himself and said, ” Che, it’s good to see you haven’t changed. But, in three years I will be the one to bully you!”

   He  jumped down and hugged his brother, causing Feng Che to show a brilliant smile that went all the way up to his eyes, which she had never seen him have on his face.

    Feng Tian turned and looked at LingLing, who has  her hair tied up and dressed like a boy and said,  “Feng Che, aren’t you going to introduce me to this pretty girl?” and handed her a beautiful mountain lily he had picked as he walked over to her.

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