Feng Tian arrives at the bamboo house to find Zhang Yu ready to go. He tells him he wanted to find LingLing first he had to speak with her for a moment.

     LingLing is practicing her martial arts in her courtyard. She sees him coming so she immediately stops swinging her sword , with a beautiful smile she greets him, “Feng Tian are we all going to Myriad Cloud City together, where is XiXi?”

     He looked at her quizzically, if she was the woman at the lake she would know of XiXi’s condition. Well, I don’t have time to worry about it I will ask her later.

     “She isn’t going today, but I would appreciate it if you would accompany us. You are supposed to go see Feng Che today aren’t you? Then you could go to those seamstresses you mentioned and have them make Zhang XiXi some clothes. Do you think you could do that? Of course, I will pay so get some traveling clothes and some dresses of the finest quality.

     It never occurred to her Feng Tian would remember her telling XiXi about the seamstresses. What is she going to do now. She was going to rush to take care of Sect business, then come back to exterminate the pest. Finest quality? I will tell them to make loose stitches so they fall apart as she walks down the street… If she even gets a chance to try one on…

     LingLing’s mind is quickly assessing the possibility of exposure of her plan if she moves too swiftly. Also, if she accepts his request she could spend time with Feng Tian if she goes with them to Myriad Cloud City on the boat. She hasn’t spent any time with him since she arrived from Cloud Mountain.

     “ I would be happy to do that, we are about the same size …” Feng Tian interrupts with “I think she is a bit more delicate and petite than be sure and tell them. More delicate..more petite..? no, on second thought I will stay behind and smash that ‘delicate and petite’ bug.

     Of course if something happens to Zhang XiXi while Feng Tian is gone and I remain he might become suspicious. How did he see me by the hut anyway?

     LingLing is cursing XiXi in her thoughts. Damn that little fox, now I can’t kill you today and I need to get you new clothes. I am going to add extra Misery’s Breath Blossoms to that poison! I want the little slut to writhe in pain, her features distorted, her skin mottled in every shade of purple there is!

    She deftly lies, “I will go with you on the boat and find her some beautiful clothes.. I wish XiXi could have come I was looking forward to spending time to get to know her”, she deftly lies.

     LingLing pictures Feng Tian leaning on the railing together with her, his green eyes looking only at her, flirting and laughing.

     Feng Tian’s next words snap her out of her little dream bursting her bubble, “No, I think you should use your qinggong and meet with Feng Che. It will take too long if you come on the boat and still need to meet with Che. This way you can have your meeting then meet us at Heavenly Cloud Restaurant in the afternoon.” 

     “Give me a minute to get ready then I will go to Myriad Cloud City. I will meet you at the restaurant at three in the afternoon.”

     Feng Tian leaves to get Zhang Yu. When he is out of earshot, Ling Ling let’s out a scream and stomps her feet. She swings her sword around in chopping motions with brute force, then stabs it into the ground. XiXi.. need to die!

     The ground begins to shake disturbing the little beast who was sleeping under a shrub nearby. What the hell was that? He opens one eye to see a beautiful exotic looking woman swirling around in a white robe her arms raised in the air causing the leaves to blow off the tree by the gate.

     Who is she? This woman has strong martial arts and looks much more elegant than that XiXi girl but is exuding an evil aura right now.  Zhen decides to walk out and get a better look. He stretches his stumpy little legs then saunters out from under the bush.

     LingLing notices him and glares at him. “Where did you come from you ugly little beast?” Is she calling this King ugly?

     “You shouldn’t have trespassed in my courtyard, I don’t like ugly things.”

     Zhen then realizes he should have stayed under the shrub, he feels a killing intent coming from her.

     He immediately attempts to run away. I am reduced to running from a woman, I will kill you Fourth Crown Prince when this spell is removed, I swear on all my ancestors.  Before he could let out one more curse she has him by the scruff of the neck.

     She thinks for a moment what if this unsightly beast is Yun Tai’s, I can’t kill it. What a frustrating day!

     Instead she swings the little beast around around sending it flying over the wall in one swift motion.

     Feeling her stress was momentarily relieved she uses her qinggong to go meet Feng Che.

     Zhen lands on his head on the Plum Blossom Cliffs. He stumbles around disoriented then lays down. He passes out for a few hours and when he wakes up he considers how he is going to get back to that house. If Feng Tian alerts Lou Wan he went missing there goes his chance to become human again.

      He takes his paw and rubs his head. What a crazy bitch!  that woman was so powerful it was disturbing. I did nothing to bother her except hurt her eyes with my ugliness.  If I were in my human form she would be dazzled by the perfection of my perfectly carved features and body.They call me the Demon Monarch because of my strength and domineering aura. I wouldn’t even spare that evil woman a glance!

     He looks down at his present condition and sighs…dejectedly  walks to the edge of the cliff and looks down at the lake.

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