Feng Tian gets The Wine and A Little Beast

 Feng Tian flies to the top of one of the tall Slippery Elm trees that overlook the vineyard. What kind of beast taunts a half dead old man?

     He surveys the area and sees a small tan colored beast munching on some grapes with its feet up on a log, is that a smile on its face?

     Well, if the old man wants its skin for that wine I better capture and skin it. I have been in Myriad Cloud City too long and I need to still speak to Sung Wu.

    Flying down from the tree silently, he lands directly in front of the small beast with the grape stained face, yes that’s obviously the culprit!

     Before the little beast can  throw a grape at him and scurry away Feng Tian has it by its ears. Dangling in Feng Tian’s hand, still clutching a juicy purple grape he uses his other paw to attempt to strike Feng Tian’s handsome face.

     “Little beast , you will need to be quicker than that”, Feng Tian looks at this beast that has stumpy little legs and a big chest with a patch of white on it. Ugly thing!

     Are you puffing out your chest and snarling at me? Better wipe your grape stained face,  soften your gaze and beg for mercy!”

     At that remark the little beast throws his precious grape and hits Feng Tian squarely in his right eye.

     Who do you think you, are talking to this King in that insolent manner! the little beast is  furiously thinking of how to retaliate.

     “You don’t want to live an extra moment do you, I thought I might reason with the old hermit for you. But, I see you have an annoying personality.” He scowls as hewipes the juice from the grape off his face.

     The sudden realization this boy could skin him in a second the little beast decides to set aside his pride. The little beast changes his expression and looks at Feng Tian with a soulful gaze that for a moment stuns him. Is this beast now hoping to sway me not to skin it?

     The little beast makes a sound as if he is asking for a reprieve. Reaching out with a grape clutched between it’s furry paws he offers Feng Tian a grape he stashed in his pouchy stomach. Can’t you see I am prostrating myself peasant! Take it before I change my mind!

     Feng Tian is wondering why he feels this little beast has human qualities. He is an amusing little beast. “Since I also love grapes and I don’t like randomly killing little creatures I will take you to the old hermit and see if we can negotiate.”

     He grabs the beast in one hand and flies to where the old man is asleep. Midair Feng Tian looks at the beast wiping a bead of sweat from its head and sighing. Feng Tian can’t help but laugh at the little beast’s comical expression.

   Dropping down from the sky in front of the old hermit he kicks his skinny leg, “ Wake up old man I have the little beast”

     Half asleep the hermit glances at Feng Tian and smiles to himself, I knew he couldn’t skin that beast, her boy is too soft hearted like she was. His brother Che would have had diced and ready for a skewer the moment he captured it.

     “Brat I said it’s skin, not the whole damn beast!”

     The little beast stares at the old man,damn you old fart, if you hadn’t captured me and set up an array formation so I couldn’t escape I’d be long gone from here.

     Feng Tian glances at the pathetic creature he is holding by the scruff of his neck.“ The ugly thing ate some grapes, that shouldn’t come with a death sentence”

     “It was more for mocking me than enjoying my grapes”, The old man scrathes his head as he glares at the little beast who is trying to keep a low profile and not hasten his demise.

    “Well, I tell you what, I will go fetch that wine but you need to keep that little beast. I mean keep it, not toss it away as soon as you leave my vineyard.”

     He sends a message to the little beast using telepathy,you know the consequences if you don’t listen to me. “Beast,you need to remain with Feng Tian until he returns from his journey, then you may be released.

     Do you two understand?”

     “…” Feng Tian and the little beast both are shocked at his order.

     “I agree, fine just hurry up with the wine I have somewhere I need to be!” Feng Tian is getting impatient.

     Feng Tian gets the wine and beast in a sack, much to the beast’s chagrin, looking at the wine he can’t drink.

     I guess my fate is tied to this Young Master for a time. Let’s not start out on the wrong paw… he has a faint smile on his furry face that boy went to a lot of trouble to obtain that wine

     Wwhat journey?

    . He stares at the wine jug resting next to his fat stomach I don’t think he would let me live if I drank it , the old hermit didn’t mention he couldn’t kill me.

    He curls up in the sack trying to avoid the bottles as they rattle around in there. That old Daoist priest always has tricks up his sleeve, he played the boy to take me. I feel this Feng Tian might be my salvation.  This King thanks you, young master, for being so gullible.

     The old hermit’s words just hit Feng Tian as he uses his qingong to meet Chen Jue. How did the old monk know I am going on a journey?  Never mind, maybe Feng Che told him, he stops by the hermits once and awhile. Feng Tian rushes to meet Chen Jue at the assigned spot.

    “Chen Jue what happened to your clothes?” Feng Tian looks at Chen Jue’s scorched clothes and black face.

     “Those bastards at the Black Wolf Clan were drunk and lazy. I told them I wanted the stones and they didn’t care how much money I had. They didn’t even acknowledge I am one of Feng Che’s people and not to be iggnored immediately screaming, “Get lost!’

      Reluctantly when I kicked one of the men out of his drunken stupor he told me they are no longer in the fire spirit stone business after two more of their members only had charred limbs upon returning  from that mountain. They are going to take a loss and start getting lower grade spirit stones at Little Hedgehog Mountain.

     So I went to the mountain myself and got the ultra grade fire stones. I really need a raise Feng Che.

     ” Here’s your gold back”, reaches in a bag handing the spirit stones and gold to Feng Tian.

      Feng Tian impuldsively higs the stone faced man,“Chen Jue.. Brother! That was beyond what I would expect from you!” 

     “Get off me!” He shoves Feng Tian away, but has a smile on his ruggedly handsome face that never cracks.

    Chen Jue brushes his robe and charred pieces of fabric fall to the ground. I have never seen Feng Tian interested in a girl. If he wants that old man Sung Wu to make her a bracelet, what are friends for in a pinch.

      “Here”, Feng Tian shoves the gold to Chen Jue, “This is the payment for the fire spirit stones, you need to accept it or I will tell Che you failed in you duties.”

     Chen Jue looks at the spirit stones in Feng Tian’s hand, exactly how did I fail you are clutching them in your hand!

     “Feng Tian this is half a lifetimes wages for me.” He shoves the bag back into Feng Tian’s chest.

    Feng Tian tosses it back to him as he flies off, “When you get married, take that pretty new wife of yours to the Celestial Couples Inn in the South by the sea !

    Chen Jue’s face turns red isn’t that the most expensive and beautiful area in four kingdoms.Rumor has it if you go there as a newly wedded couple you will conceive a male child within a year.

     He shakes his head thinking of the other tantalizing details of that enchanted spot for couples. I gather way too much information at The Broken Angel.

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