Feng Tian Explains, Part Two

While Feng Tian is gone, Yun Tai wonders whether he should tell him about the Seven Great Mythological Beasts. The significant role they play in maintaining The Righteous Order.

     Why isn’t he privy to this knowledge in the first place, his brother is Feng Che.  Yun Tai taps his fingers on the table, damn, I don’t like this at all.

     Feng Tian brings back the wine and sets in on the table about to open it when Yun Tai says, “No, let me it’s powerful.”

     He opens the top of the wine and a burst of energy can be felt leaving the jug and Feng Tian feels a wind past by him.

     “ Ah, Yun Tai is that wine tasty?” He isn’t sure he wants a cup as he looks over at Yun Tai pouring a clear liquid into his cup with some fog rising above.

     “It’s very smooth and its flavor is neither sweet nor sour. Come let’s toast to our friendship” Yun Tai looks over at his friend , he still seems unaffected by the real world and Yun Tai likes that about him

     Feng Tian hesitantly takes a sip, this is delicious, why did it have that skull on it and what is the energy that escaped from the bottle.

     He doesn’t understand this friend across from him, he has so many unusual possessions.

     “Where did you get this wine it really has an indescribable flavor” 

     “I got it from The Old Master for seven tails of the Deceptive Iguana” 

     Feng Tian looks at him with a touch of admiration{not many would risk their soul for a glass of wine}. “Doesn’t that beast have a tongue that spits acid that will corrode your soul if you approach it?”

     “Yes, but I distracted it with the heavenly feather then approached from behind and severed the tails. I just got a little spit on my boot.” I won’t go into detail about how I had to stab it in the neck with the black demon bone pin to slow his tails down. That last tail was the hardest to slice off with my sword. The Iguana was so enraged his spit was flying everywhere as he spun around.

     But I knew Yun Pei Shan wouldn’t accept anything less than the full agreed amount. Even a smidge less than a full tail it would have been thrown in the waste barrel and not counted.

     Feng Tian recalls the Old Master doesn’t give anything away for free,  seven tails? Seems excessive for a few bottles of wine. he raised his cup to Yun Tai and laughed, “That old fart he hasn’t changed”

     Yun Tai looks over at his gullible friend. This wine is actually one of the old man’s elixirs it will increase your ability to withstand negative spiritual force up to two hundred yards for only a few minutes but this allows you to gather your strength before your enemy can challenge you. 

     If Feng Tian consumes six cups it will stay in his system for at least sixty days. Yun Tai realizes Feng Tian will not have all his powers as an Immortal if he goes on this journey and will do what he can to protect him.

     What’s some precious elixir if it will keep his friend safe.{Feng Tian I will have you compensate me later, your charges are adding up. The Old Master taught me well}

     Feng Tian helps himself to more wine and continues his story, thinking I’m not going to hold back any details.

     He tells Yun Tai he overheard the girl’s father talking to himself that he was going to teach his daughter some magic before they went to the waterfall where the Dragon lives.That’s why Feng Tian is not planning on leaving for ten days. He doesn’t know if a third grade Sorcerer can teach her anything worthwhile at this point though she needs some skills,

     Yun Tai is listening and getting more concerned for that little slip of a girl by the minute. If she was even bitten by a Myrian Mosquito she could lapse into a coma without any precautionary measures. If she stepped on a Slippery Slug she could lose a limb when she fell into its traps.

     Feng Tian continues talking and drinking the wine not noticing Yun Tian hasn’t had a sip of his wine.

     Yun Tai blurts out, “I will teach her some cultivation when I come out of seclusion”.

     “What did you just say?” Feng Tian is in disbelief. The only people he is aware of that know Yun Pei Shan’s techniques in this world are Tai, his sister LingLing, and the Feng brothers.

     “Won’t the Old Master throw a fit and destroy your dantain if you even suggest such a thing” well destroy his dantain might be overkill, but he be angry and would do something painful to Yun Tai

     “ When we are done talking I will go to the mountain in Cloud’s Edge Wilderness and ask for permission. I only plan on teaching her the basics, enough to survive until she returns to her home”.

     “Tai, I never thought I would see you show concern for a girl, you aren’t her type.. I am”.

     “…” Yun Tai. “For some reason when I looked into her eyes when we were sitting at dinner she reminded me of someone from long ago. I owe a debt to that person and if I can pay it back by helping this girl I will. Don’t worry I have no designs on your little bunny”. She is far too frail to handle me.

     “…” Feng Tian

     “ Also, as your friend I don’t like the idea of you going off with these two, it could prove perilous. Even though you feel it is just going to be one of your ridiculous adventures you are unaware of some vital details concerning the Zehran Water Dragon”

     He usually is so decisive but his mind is muddled right now from exhaustion. He really needs guidance from his mentor. Yun Tai is conflicted as to whether or not he should explain the big picture to Feng Tian .He will also discuss this with Yun Pei Shan. I have lost count how many glasses of wine did Tian have, I’m really having trouble concentrating… I need to get this done and go to the cave for cultivation}

     He picks up one empty wine bottle and shakes the other and realizes Tian has had at least ten cups. What a waste! He picks up the half full bottle and says “Feng Tian I’m leaving now to go to the mountain, when I get back I am going into seclusion. Don’t do anything hasty until I come out”

     Feng Tian is feeling the effects of the wine his vision is a little blurry as he nods to Feng Tian.

    “Say hello to Yun Pei Shan and tell him to make me some of this wine. I guess I left out my brother Feng Che said he would be back in ten days and accompany us.”

     Yun Tai whips around right before he was about to use his Qinggong to fly to the mountain.

     “When did you tell this to Feng Che?” You have only been here two days, how did Feng Che become aware so quickly and what is his interest.

    Feng Tian answers nonchalantly, “ When he came here to get me to go back for a marriage meeting. My family feels it is time to settle down.” 

     Yun Tai’s head is spinning as he tries to process the events of the last few days as he leaves he turns and shouts,


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