Feng Tian Explains, Part One

Yun Tai suggests they go out to the courtyard to talk, he feels stifled being inside and wants some fresh air. He would like to unwind and calm down . He takes a deep breath of the cold night air, It’s good I will go to the cave of enlightenment tomorrow and begin cultivating.

     He has been practicing his meditative breathing but his chi is in flux and he needs to refine his qi.

     Feng Tian is the first to notice when they sit down outside the stars are in a strange formation that resemble a lotus, Yun Tai looks up at the brilliance of the stars and shape. He points to the sky, “Yun Tai, look.”

     Yun Tai  is a bit shaken recalling the last time he had seen that formation he was only sixteen and he  met that girl down by the stream. His mind is tired from all these strange memories and his head is beginning to throb.

     “Let’s hear what you have to say.”

     “ Tai, I’m sorry to have disrupted your return. I know you are physically and mentally tired. I wouldn’t have brought them here if I knew you would be here. I assumed you would be in seclusion.

     Yun Tai takes the opportunity to ask some questions, “Who is that girl? What sect is she from I didn’t sense any cultivation at all. Is she your betrothed?”

     Feng Tian almost spits out his wine. How did Tai come up with that assumption. But, the way he looked at her earlier maybe I shouldn’t directly answer that.

     “Her father and her were sent from another world”.

     Before he says anymore Yun Tai interrupts, “Another world, what world?”

     “That I don’t quite know yet I only met them two days ago”

     Yun Tai is thinking two days and she is your woman? I know women are easily taken with you but two days? They were rather intimate in the kitchen. Was she from a brothel there?{if XiXi could hear this she would kick him directly in his manhood. I’m in High School and have never kissed a boy!}

     “Go on with the story.”

    Feng Tian takes a sip of wine then begins his explanation from when he first met them.“ So they were sent here by the Sorcerer Society, well her father was, she just for some reason got caught into his transporting spell. They are to extract the core from the Zehran Water Dragon and return with it to their world” 

     Yun Tai abruptly stands up knocking over his wine cup and slams his hand on the stone table reducing it to pieces on the ground.He angrily is looking at Feng Tian and screams at him, “You are accompanying them to do this vile deed!. Have you been enchanted by that girl? Are you insane!” Killing intent is emanating from Yun Tai’s core right now shaking the trees around them.

     “ No,,.No.. calm down Tai let me continue..please it’s not what you are thinking!” Feng Tian is momentarily frightened Yun Tai might lose it. “Of course I wouldn’t let them harm that old fart of a Dragon, I don’t even think they have the capability to make it through the Forest of Illusions. {or even across the woods beyond this courtyard he is thinking.}  But there must be some underlying evil force that sent them here on this task. He is just a third grade Sorcerer and I don’t sense even any cultivation from her body. I’m thinking they are merely a distraction for some real Beast Hunters to gain the  dragon’s core.”

     That’s true Yun Tai  thinks, I didn’t sense any aura from her at all and her father in the other room to be knocked out for two days since he has arrived here reflects on his ineptitude.

     “Go on” Yun Tai is watching his friend’s face for any indication he is lying, although Tian is a terrible liar in the first place.

     “Yes, at first I thought it would be fun to watch this debacle unfold and then take care of the real culprits before they could harm the Dragon{not that the old fart doesn’t have his own tricks, Feng Tian vividly remembers his robe on fire as he flew away from the Dragon} The little beauty though I can’t let be a chess piece in this game. I want to help them figure out a solution and send them back to their world. The father seems reluctant, the girl is just a girl who got thrown into this mess.”

     “So what do you plan to do “ Yun Tai is picturing the delicate girl who fainted from fear into his arms. She would never survive this mission.

     “I’m not sure” Feng Tian has been too caught up in the crazy misadventures of the last couple days to think that far ahead .

     “This isn’t a game Tian! Are you clueless after just hanging around the palace playing?”

     “…” Feng Tian

     “Have you ever sat in on a High Council meeting? You are one of the most noble families, your brother Feng Che is the Chief Council”, Yun Tai is incredulous at Tian’s carefree attitude.

     Oh, that’s right my brother is coming back in seven days to go with us,  should I tell Yun Tai, he hates my brother.

     “Well no they are so boring”

     Yun Tai feels as though his head is about to explode, “So you have absolutely no clue about the main Mythological Beasts of the Seven Kingdoms” he asks incredulously.

     “What do you mean?” Feng Tian is feeling very foolish in front of his friend right now.

     Yun Tai is holding back the urge to send Feng Tian flying.

     “ Let’s go over to that other table” He glances down at the stone crumbles that were once his favorite table. It had been given to him by an official after he rescued his daughter from being abducted .The jewels and gold he had tossed into the cellar as useless items, but he loved the feel and sturdiness of that table so he put it in his favorite spot in the courtyard.

      My precious healing lotion, my tea (I really don’t like torturing people for information) and the Old Master is so demanding for his potions and elixirs, and now my favorite table. You have been here two days!

     While Yun Tai is itemizing and calculating how he will receive payment from Feng Tian, that man is feeling shamed by his friend’s words. Feng Tian knows he hasn’t taken any responsibility since he returned from the mountain. 

     Yun Tai says to Feng Tian, “Go fetch more wine get the one with the skull imprinted on it”

     “A skull”, Feng Tian.

    Yun Tai rubs his temples, “Yes, and on second thought bring two.”

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