Feng Che is Curious…

 The sun is coming through the window and XiXi pulls the covers up around her head. She hears some rustling at the door and she weakly said “Mom I don’t want to get up yet”

     Feng Tian is walking by the door and hears this ,is she dreaming in there, who is this Mom?

     He thinks it will be best not to disturb her she had a fever when he checked on her during the night. At that time he  had given her some medicine half of which got spilled on him, but it was strong so by later she should be better.

     It’s good Yun Tai keeps his house stocked with medicinal supplies. No one would believe I am taking care of a sick girl. They would spit out their wine if they pictured saw me.The old man is still out from the acupuncture so it looks like I have some peace for awhile.

      Last night it became evident he couldn’t let them extract the Dragon Core. That Dragon has been peaceful in his old age unless someone disturbs him. It is about time he got a companion too.

     Feng Tian is still feeling guilty about the deception of years ago. I will help them figure out another solution. It is doubtful they could exit that waterfall with their lives if they tried to get it.  A Beast Core of that level would only cause havoc in their mundane world. If it was used for a nefarious purpose there might even be a cataclysmic event. I will talk to Zhang Yu to get the full story, he seems to be a misguided but reasonable man.

     Feng Tian feels as soon as he can get them back to their world this chaotic feeling  about the girl will go away.

      Feng Che is sitting in the garden at the stone table when Feng Tian comes out to feed two of Yun Tai’s Spirit Beasts. Two little furry balls come rolling over to him to eat the red bean buns from his hand. They go crazy for anything sweet, jumping into his chest.

     He always laughs that a mighty Rajin Mystical Sect Warrior keeps these two as pets. They are soft and white as snow with two little black beady eyes, their bodies barely the size of a fist.

      Looking perturbed Feng Tian says “What did you come here for brother? It is unlike you to come down to this humble island. Don’t you have the High Council meetings this week?”

     Feng Che curls up his lip knowing his brother hates all things related to those old fogeys. “That is precisely why I came here to get you to come back.”

      “I have barely been here a day what is the rush?” Feng Tian replies. “You know I like to get away once and awhile and visit the bamboo house. I find it relaxing and Yun Tai should return soon. I haven’t seen him since he went off to deal with those escaped Demons.”   It has been at least fifty years he has been fighting that war.I have been looking forward to hearing his stories of the Demoness who always try to seduce him.

      “Tian, Father said it is time for you to settle down and has chosen a wife for you. He is going to announce the engagement at the meeting and wants you to be there.” Feng Che knows this will elicit get a reaction from his brother.

       “Pffft… I have no intention of getting married! Let him force Wei to the nuptial bed!That brother of ours does nothing but chase the maidens all day.”

     Feng Tian feels his life has taken a turn for the worse hearing this news.

       “That is precisely why father can’t get anyone to consider him as a son in law. Even Chang Yong won’t place him in his eyes for that pitiful daughter of his second wife!”You mean that girl who eats pig meat all day, and whose farts are the major cause of pollution by their mountain? Wei’s reputation certainly must have hit the abyss.

      “What is that noise from the back of the house?” Feng Che turns around and asks with a look of amusement on his face.

      “Che. who are you playing, you know it’s the two I met yesterday. That’s why you are here right? Give me a minute I will be right back .”

      Feng Che crossed his legs bumping them on the small table and looks around at the bamboo house. This place would fit in one chamber of our family’s palace. The courtyard has unusual flowers but no rockery no stream so minimalist. He continues to wonder why his brother likes to lounge here by himself.

      If anyone looked at all the brothers, they would have admit Tian is the most outstanding, Che thought to himself. He could be surrounded by all the Heavenly Cloud Sects most beautiful women and choose several for wives. Well, he has waited too long now he must choose according to father’s wishes.

     Father always has me deliver the bad news but on this occasion I don’t mind, what does that little mortal look like to enchant my aloof brother?”

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