Don’t Be Unruly and Just Bow!

Well, she must be here somewhere. Thanks Yun Tai for telling me where she is… he is so uncooperative.

     I guess I don’t blame him for misunderstanding. I heard he had to deal with half the Sitri Demon Sect in the lowlands on his way back after his men had dispersed. He probably wanted to come home and go into seclusion, not expecting people occupying his house.

     Well, I will make it up to him with some of father’s 500 year old wine Lou Wan, that old hermit, gave him on his birthday last year.

     Feng Tian wanders through the garden and sees the chaise under the Plum Blossom tree. There she is, she fell asleep again? He sits on the edge of the chaise and touches her shoulder, he doesn’t want to be improper but she seems to be sleeping soundly. He needs her to come quickly and greet his brother.

     XiXi wakes up scared and grabs Feng Tian around his neck. He doesn’t quite know how to respond to this sudden intimacy. So she really does like me? Then she looks at him with watery eyes and cries,, “Wuhu.. some man wants to kill me!”

     “Who wants to kill you? No one is here but you,” Yun Tai how did you scare this poor girl? But thank you, I don’t think she would grab onto me if she wasn’t scared to death.

     “Well, I don’t know but he had a dagger” Really Yun Tai …a dagger…look at this girl se couldn’t hurt a Diruye fly.

     When she realizes she is clinging on Feng Tian she drops her hands down and tries to compose herself.

     “ I’m here now, there is nothing to worry about. Lets go back to the house and I will get you some calming tea.” He is still enjoying the sensation of having her in his arms, maybe I will need some calming tea also.

     Realizing there is no dangerous man around and she just made a fool of herself in front of Feng Tian XiXi gets up and fixes her hair and straightens her dress. I need to get it together this place is too strange she reminds herself. There seems to be danger at every turn and we haven’t even set out on our journey yet.

     Feng Tian explains to XiXi on the way back his brother found him on this island and wants him to go back to their home. If she wants him to accompany Zhang Yu and her to find the Zehran Water Dragon she needs to behave herself and follow his lead when meeting Feng Che.

     XiXi feeling herself again says “I don’t recall asking you to join us.”

     “…” Feng Tian

     “ I have been to this island before and know my way around the illusions in the Forest of Illusions. I also am a capable fighter. You will encounter many beasts on your journey that I don’t think you and Zhang Yu could handle by yourself.” Feng Tian proudly tells XiXi.

     “We have a saying where I am from “there is no such thing as a free lunch” XiXi is starting to wonder why he would want to help them.

    “? ? “ Feng Tian doesn’t understand why this girl would turn down the help of an Immortal on a perilous journey. Oh, that’s right I am posing as a mortal, but still they obviously need any help they can get!

     “Well, I am hoping to acquire a few beast cores myself that is why I came to this island. I use them in my cultivation and also my family relies on me to get them some also”

     XiXi doesn’t want to seem needy, this arrogant man gets on her nerves but he has a good point. She and her father could use his help. Does Dad even have a map of this place? Feng Tian says he is familiar with the landscape and a Forest of Illusions sounds horrifying.

     “Okay, since you seem to really want to join us, I guess we could allow you to accompany us” XiXi answers him in a condescending voice.

     Feng Tian is marveling how quickly she changes faces. Wasn’t this girl not long ago clinging to him in fright. “ Listen to me then I know you aren’t familiar with our customs here but you need to be quiet and do as I say.

     Give him a deep bow when you meet him and say “It is an honor to meet such a distinguished Lord of the Heavenly Cloud Kingdom.

     “What,,?” XiXi starts to question. FengTian quickly interrupts, “No time for your endless questions”

     “…” XiXi

     “Don’t say anything else, just the greeting I told you,let me handle him from there. He has been waiting which he hates to do so he will be in aa bad mood.”

     “Why would I care if this ‘Lord’ haha is in a bad mood” XiXi laughs.

     Feng Tian’s veins are starting to pop out on his forehead. “I just told you…So I can go with you!”

     He continues, “I have a few more instructions for you before we arrive at the courtyard. Try to walk like a lady, small steps keeping your head a bit lowered . Just glance up and smile sweetly at him if he speaks to you. Never mind the last part she looks too cute when she smiles. “I will grab you a fan, just hide your face behind it!” Feng Tian is starting to feel a bit frustrated. How is he going to persuade his brother without her following his lead.

     XiXi rolls her eyes and laughs at him flashing a mocking smile, “ What are you an etiquette teacher in your spare time?”

     Feng Tian glares in her direction.

    XiXi says “Don’t worry I will do as you say.” She gracefully bows deeply to him and smiles sweetly. Then she twirls around and cathces a cherry blossom petal tossing it to him.

     He is stunned at how beautiful she looks right at that moment. She isn’t wearing  makeup and her hair is casually piled on her head. The dress she is wearing is a shade of azure blue that makes her blue eyes look like the sky above the Seventh mountaintop.

     When she smiled at him he forgot how wild and unruly she could be. That’s right… she is unpredictable. Snap out of it Tian!

     While Feng Tian is momentarily in a daze. XiXi is thinking about how much she and her father do need him to come with them. She has seen how adept and quick he was when he killed that frighteningly huge snake.

     XiXi decided to complete the quest she will give an Oscar worthy performance for his brother.

     “So Feng Tian,.. {no response}

     “Hey Feng Tian! Where’s the fan, we are almost to the courtyard aren’t we?”

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