Breakfast is Served…

Feng Tian looks at Zhang Yu in the eye and says, “You are right, I do have an ulterior motive for accompanying you. I will clearly state my reason and as an astute man I think you will see there is logic behind my reasoning.

     I will not go into much detail about myself except to say I have no ill intentions against you or your daughter. When I found out you were here to extract the Beast Core, it simply made no sense. You are a third grade Sorcerer without the capability to even approach The Zehran Water Dragon, I think you realize that fact. If you could make it through the Forest of Illusions I would be surprised let alone crossing The Cloud’s Edge Wilderness.

     If you analyze the situation you would realize you are simply a decoy, someone’s disposable chess piece. For all we know you a pawn of many more. I haven’t investigated farther since the last couple days have been hectic for me and you don’t plan on starting your journey for another several days.

     Zhang Yu replies, “ I too came to that conclusion, but am still evaluating my course of action. I am going to trust you with some information at this point I know I need all the help I can get to protect XiXi and my wife that remains in our world.

     When the man approached me I sensed evil from the moment I met him and was thinking of a way to thwart his plan without disrupting my family. I am indebted to the Sorcerer Society but the management there has become more corrupt over time. Mainstream society in XiXi and my world is obsessed with money and celebrity.

     Status and power are the motivating factors that have caused some Sorcerers to set aside their values and work for many Underground Syndicates. I did a check through some of my contacts and found the man who approached me was the henchman of one of the largest syndicates.”

     XiXi stomps out and says “Feng Tian I told you to come get Zhang Yu not stand there blabbing with him! Breakfast is ready!”

     “…” Blabbing? she has so many unusual words, Feng Tian looks at Zhang Yu

     Zhang Yu,” I will talk to her for her to speak more formally to you, I’m sure you are not used her speech.”

     XiXi please don’t irritate this man he might be our only chance to get back to our own world alive. Zhang Yu is blaming his wife for being too lenient with her, but he knows how he spoils her as he heads into the kitchen.

     Feng Tian is amused at her antics, he doesn’t mind them at all and his imagination right now is running  wild. She is so fiesty and doesn’t put me in her eyes at all. It’s really very funny.. There is no girl in all of Cloud Kingdom who can ignore my good looks. When she orders me about like a servant with that demanding little voice coming from those pink lips, I want to pick her up in myarms and kiss her pretty pink lips. 

     “ Zhang Yu, Feng Tian”, she smiles and bows ceremoniously, “Please enjoy!

     On three plates are the omelets, yellow fluffy eggs folded over with some onions, red vegetables peeking out from the edge and some white cheese with peppers melted on top. She has placed some blueberries (she had checked with Feng Tian to make sure they were sweet and not poisonous}on the side making the plate colorful and appetizing.

     Cooking is one of her favorite hobbies, her mother had even sent her for culinary lessons. She enjoyed having her friends over on a Saturday to have a feast with her recent creations. XiXi has to admit to herself, all the experimental dishes weren’t always successful, but they always had a good time.

     She was remembering the time she tried to make fired grilled shrimp with a spicy sweet and sour sauce and had added too much chili. She couldn’t rush to get everyone water fast enough!

     XiXi burst out laughing at the memory, the sight of her smile and laughter almost made Feng Tian drop his chopsticks. She is truly beautiful when she smiles.

     “Sorry, I just was thinking of my friends”Eat!”

     XiXi taps her chopsticks and takes a big bite of the eggs not knowing if she would like the flavor of this Spotted Ostrich egg or not. “Yummy!You were right Feng Tian these eggs are quite delicious. It is slightly fluffier and sweeter than a chicken egg but really tasty!”

     She goes to give him a high five, stops mid air realizing he would have no clue what that meant. He is watching her hand coming towards him and thinks, Is she going to slap me, can she read my thoughts?

     Laughing she pulls her hand back and sees the look on his face and says “Sorry, Feng Tian where I come from that is a gesture signaling something was, ah, a very good idea for example.”

     Oh she likes the eggs, good,very good. He never gets bored with this girl around even a simple meal is fun. He takes a bite of the food and his eyes light up. These flavors he has never tasted before, he is enjoying eating again, it has been so long since he needed to eat. The flavors in his home did not delight his senses like her cooking, he must eat every meal with her.

     Feng Tian looks at the table she prepared, it is so simple but beautifully done. She arranged the flowers instead of in one large vase she had them in three smaller vases that complimented each other. The colors of the peonies set off the colors of the food on the plate, it was quite unique.

     Zhang Yu complimented XiXi “I’m impressed XiXi when did you learn flower arranging? Did they have a class at school?”

     XiXi recalled how for detention she had to help clean the flower room at school. One day she just saw some discarded flowers and felt sorry for them. They just weren’t as perfect as the others so got discarded. So she picked them up and made a few arrangements for her friends.

     “Yes, I learned in the Flower Room at school” he doesn’t need the details.

     XiXi always felt perfection was overrated, maybe that is why Feng Tian’s perfect looks don’t move her. Every aspect of his face is outstanding, when she looks into his eyes she felt she could get sucked into them, but it also makes her think how many other girls have looked into those eyes and felt the same feeling.

   He is so arrogant from obviously having been fawned over by women.  She has a faint smile as she gazes over at Feng Tian  But…when he had that one look on his face like he had no idea what I was saying… he looked confused and cute. She shakes her head, No..still too arrogant!

     They finish the meal and feeling she should appreciate that Feng Tian finding them this comfortable place she doesn’t ask him to help with the dishes. {If Feng Tian knew she was ready to have him do kitchen work, he would probably would have choked on that last blueberry.}

     Zhang Yu says XiXi,” I have a few things to discuss with Feng Tian but afterward I have some reading I would like you to do with me.”

     Can’t get away from schoolwork I guess even here, she replies, “Sure, come and get me when you are ready, Feng Tian do you mind if I use the hot spring for awhile when I am finished here?”

     “Do you remember how to get there?”

     “…” , XiXi. I have a very good sense of direction! “Yes. I do.”

     “Try the potion in the Jade Room , sprinkle some in the water it will relax you” Feng Tian calls out as he strolls into the courtyard with Zhang Yu.

     XiXi clears the table and goes over to wash the dishes. There is a bottle there she assumes is some sort of dish soap , luckily it wasn’t a whole group of people then she would really wish she had a dishwasher. She is singing a song she heard on Blutube, a new singer with a soulful voice, singing about her lost love, while she is cleaning and the melody drifts to the courtyard beyond the back door.

     “Your daughter has a beautiful voice” Feng Tian is listening and can hear clearly, although her father only hears her muffled voice. is that too bold? But these two seem like they are very informal.

     “She does indeed, my great grandfather used to say she sounded like his mother who had passed on when he was only seven. He could still remember the sound of her voice and when he heard XiXi singing, he said it was if his mother was there. The lifespan of our family is fairly long, he was ancient at the time but he said he recalled it as if it were yesterday.

     Zhang Chao would say she could calm the darkest soul with her voice, and charm a thousand beasts.

     XiXi goes back to LingLing’s room and looks in her closet, Yun Tai’s sister has beautiful clothes, Feng Tian said to pick what I want but I’m not sure. Would I care if someone stayed at my house and wore my clothes, she is comparing the two of them. No, I wouldn’t be stingy.  She picks a simple light green dress with some simple flowers embroidered up the sleeve to change into and goes towards the hot spring.

   She can’t get over how beautiful walking through the cherry blossom trees is, pink petals are falling with the breeze towards the back is a view of a mountain. The bamboo forest is simple but had a graceful look, bamboo trees, green stalks swaying in the wind had a peaceful feeling to them.

     XiXi arrives at the hot spring, as a handsome tall man is entering the bamboo forest.

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