Breakfast and A Question…

  Zhang Yu falls asleep in the chair and is awakened in the morning by XiXi’s voice, “Dad, wake up”

     He stretches his legs that are cramped up from the position he slept in all night and stands up.

    She affectionately wraps her slender arms aroung him and gives him a big hug.“You are finally awake!Thank you for protecting me so well as we were transported to this island. Feng Tian told me that the force from protecting me took so much of your energy that is why you were asleep so long.”

     “ How long was I asleep?” He is feeling still a bit disoriented this morning. Last night Zhang Yu was so worried about XiXi he was on automatic. He didn’t have a chance to process how long he had been asleep or even care.

     “I guess about two and a half days, not sure cause I was rather tired myself yesterday” She is thinking when did I go to sleep, I don’t remember much of yesterday.

     Zhang Yu rubs his beard he says “I am going to go wash up and change, I didn’t want to leave your side earlier, I will meet you in the kitchen when I am finished.

     “Hey Dad,that reminds me in your Dimensional Space did you bring shampoo and conditioner I would like to wash my hair later, and do you have a spare toothbrush” She improvised before but it would be great if he had brought the necessities with him in that handy Space.

     “Luckily, I usually have it fully stocked, you know your Mom likes to shop at the warehouse type stores so buys me the things I need in bulk. She hates it when I need to fulfill my monthly duties for the Sorcerer Society, so she tries to make sure I’m at least comfortable on my assignments. If I had left on time there probably would have been a baked ham in there..haha..”

     They both looked at each other and said at the same time and say, “Mom”.

     “I will try to find a spell to let her know we are okay, I have done that before only once, but I think I can replicate it so don’t worry.” Zhang Yu  doesn’t believe he can, but XiXi needs to be reassured right now.

    XiXi is thinking about her mother and how right now she would be fixing her breakfast for school, rushing her to get ready so she wouldn’t be late. XiXi shakes her head, I need to realize I’m here now.

     “Dad, I’m going to make breakfast I will see you out there”  He voice shakes as she tries to sound brave turning down the long hallway to the kitchen.

     Feng Tian is also just waking up with a terrible hangover. I didn’t change into my nightclothes last night? He looks at the robes he is wearing that are half off and half on his body. Yun Tai that wine was incredible, I must get some from the Master for my wine collection rolls around in his mind.. My dreams were so vivid it was worth this pain in my head right now . He wanders around the room wondering if Yun Tai has any remedy for this headache, he has so many potions in the medicine cupboard.

     He lifts the cork out of one bottle and takes a sniff, that doesn’t smell right. Why doesn’t he label these, how do you know which is which{probably because he isn’t expecting other people to raid his cupboard}.

     After smelling about three he recognizes the herbs in one, yes, I have had that before, it has witch’s wart leaves in it I can smell it. Not much left in it I will just finish it off Yun Tai won’t mind. After placing the empty bottle back in its place he feels a slight effect.

     He goes to the washroom at the end of the hall and hears water being poured into a basin. She must be up he is remarking to no one. Feng Tian stands there stuck in place thinking about those dreams of her last night, I can’t wait to see the little beauty.

     At that moment the door opens and he is face to face with Zhang Yu, not the face he was imagining!

     “Good Morning Zhang Yu how are you feeling this morning”. Small talk..small talk what do I say next I don’t want him to ask about anything right now.

     Zhang Yu bows and says, “Good Morning Feng Tian. XiXi told me that you explained to her I was tired from being transported here with her so that is why I was asleep for so long.”He pats him on the shoulder and continues, “I appreciate you reassuring her and making us comfortable here, Although we just met I have the impression you are a sincere and honorable man. I have no choice at this point but to trust that is true.”

     Feng Tian is relieved, that was easy.

     “XiXi is in the kitchen making some breakfast, she is very good at adapting and making herself at home.” Zhang Yu laughs, “She is a very good cook I think you will enjoy what she prepares, come out when you are finished.”He bows again and says, “Thank you for allowing us to stay here.”

     Feng Tian bows and watches his back as he leaves. Future father in law I am sincere and trustworthy !

     Feng Tian is excited as he enters the washroom, she is cooking again? I can’t wait to see her stirring, slicing, chopping she looks so adorable. He is remembering that bit of flour on her cheek she allowed him to brush off, the feeling of her soft skin against his slender fingers.

     I need to hurry and get out to the kitchen.

     He washes at the speed of lightening and finds just one of Yun Tai’s robes that have a design of the mountains with a red dragon on it. Why do you always just wear black! That’s all right , I look good in anything. He admires himself in the bronze mirror. We are the same height so the length is perfect, but these are a little loose. I like to show off my muscles with a tighter robe but I still look handsome, he stares at his reflection. He combs his silky hair up and ties it, mulling over his appearance, I wish I had brought some of my gold dragon hairpins.

     Satisfied with his attire he seriously considers his feelings for XiXi even though he just met her she stirs emotions up within him he hadn’t felt for any other woman. He concludes I need this girl to realize I am the right man for her, disregarding his earlier more rational self that wants to send her back to her world.

     Feng Tian enters the kitchen right as XiXi is reaching into the cupboard for some tea, she is standing on her tiptoes straining to reach it. He comes up behind her to help her, and leans into her body as he reaches past her to grasp it. He is looking down at her head below his shoulders and for a moment had the urge to plant a kiss on top of it. He has the tea in his hand and he is about to hand it to her when he realizes it is the calming tea from yesterday. He quickly stops mid air and throws it to the back of the cupboard.

     “What are you doing Feng Tian! I thought you were helping me get the tea so I didn’t shove you away. Now, you throw it where I can’t reach it even if I stood on a chair!”  XiXi stares at Feng Tian her dark blue eyes shooting daggers in his direction.

     “I really liked the taste of that tea yesterday, I had never tasted any tea so sweet yet not too sweet, it was a perfect combination of flavors!  XiXi’s first thought when she came into the kitchen was to have some delicious tea while she cooked, now this arrogant man tossed it away from her.

     Feng Tian doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If he had arrived a few minutes later… “You know Yun Tai..the man you met yesterday?’

     “Yes, I don’t know why but he is a little bit of a blur, but I remember him. Didn’t he join us for dinner? I must have been really tired yesterday I can picture him but not really recall any conversation.”

     “Well, that is a special tea of his and he asked me to save the rest for him for when he gets out of seclusion. The merchant that he buys it from only comes to this island every two years and won’t arrive for another five months. But, he said he has several other teas we are welcome to have.”{ I haven’t lied this much since I had that one eunuch who was supposed to keep an eye on me}

     XiXi seems satisfied with this answer. “I’m glad you stopped me before I used it then, he is generous enough to let us use his house I wouldn’t want to offend him. Tea sounds good  though,which would you suggest?”

     Feng Tian looks at the shelf recognizing a tea LingLing has made for him before and hands it to XiXi. He watches her as she takes the teapot and makes the tea,pouring herself a cup, her hands are so small and delicate I wants to hold one right now.

     XiXi feels his eyes on her and says “Feng Tian, what are you looking at if you want a cup pour it yourself I have to start breakfast” That arrogant man does he think I am going to wait on him?

     Feng Tian gets a dose of reality the XiXi of yesterday was under the influence of the tea that is why she was so sweet to him. “No, I will just wait for breakfast.” He doesn’t need to eat or drink he thinks but for some reason he wants to eat whatever she makes.

    “Does he have any chickens here that lay eggs? I could make omelets for us.”

     Feng Tian is listening and doesn’t know what a chicken or omelet is she is referring to, it must be some creature from her world.’ No, no chickens, but we have Spotted Ostrich eggs I could go get for you”

     XiXi says “ Are they good?”

     Feng Tian has never had one but he wants to see her make this ‘omelet’ dish, “Quite delicious.”

     “Bring me six since there are three of us”, she starts chopping some wild onions and a red round vegetable that looks like a tomato. She crumbles up some herbs and some chili pepper she had left from last night’s dinner.

     Do they eat cheese here, some Cheddar would be great right now to add, she is humming while she is doing the prep work. Maybe Dad has some in his ‘pantry’ she laughs to herself.

     Feng Tian rushes outside where am I going to find a Spotted Ostrich around here. Looking to make sure she hasn’t come outside he flies into the air surveying the area. 

     Off over to the edge of a meadow he sees three of them, it looks like they are having an Ostrich race running with their long necks stretched out, across the wild grass.

     He lands by them and uses his internal force and they come screeching to a halt. He looks at them and thinks how do I make them lay eggs on command.

     “I need six eggs now!”

      They blink a few times and stare at him. 

     “Hmmm”  , he pulls out his sword hoping to scare them into it, they blink several more times at him.

     I can’t go back empty handed I want to see her cook. How do the cooks at the palace gather their eggs? He looks around to where they were rushing to and he sees three more Spotted Ostriches just sitting there. Maybe they will be more cooperative, he leaves the Ostriches by him stuck in place blinking and walks over.

     They seem to be sleeping but he sees something under their butts and realizes this must be the eggs. He only sees two but they are rather large, she asked for six though, he doesn’t want to look incompetent.

     Maybe though she doesn’t realize the size of these eggs, and thinks they are smaller. Yes, I bet that is it six of these would feed all of his brother’s seventeen shadow guards. After a two minute conversation with himself he reaches under their butts to grab out the two spotted eggs trying to not awaken them. He doesn’t think they could bite him but he doesn’t feel like testing it.

     Once he has the two eggs tucked to him he flashes his palm at the other Spotted Ostriches and frees them. They begin letting out squawking noises and flapping their ridiculously tiny wings as they rush forward looking at the sky.

     Feeling satisfied with the results, he enters from the courtyard carrying the purple spotted eggs.

     XiXi looks up to see him enter and says “Holy Moly! those eggs are the size of a basketball and what is with the spots?{ I know I need to get used to foreign food this looks like a genetically engineered egg experiment gone horribly wrong!}

     Her stomach is growling and she needs to eat, “You have had this before and say it’s delicious?”

     “Quite delicious. What is a basketball?”

     XiXi ignores his question and looks at those two humongous eggs.

     Is there even a bowl big enough to crack this in. She finds one in the third cupboard, yes, this should do they must have made an omelet before with these eggs.

     Zhang Yu is in the courtyard looking over the first book he is going to give XiXi to study. The first couple sections are just simple transformation spells she should be able to grasp easily. He must also first explain to her the rules by which his family has lived by for a thousand years.

     Although they are members of The Sorcerer Society their family is at the highest echelon and holds themselves to a code and standards the first Ancestor wrote in the Book of Zhang.

     XiXi looks out the kitchen door and sees her father in the courtyard reading. She walks out followed by Feng Tian. Zhang Yu sees them approaching and puts book away.

     “Zhang Yu” she winks at him. “Do you have any Cheddar or Pepper Jack cheese in that Space of yours? I could use some for the omelets.”

     “I think I have some cheese, not sure what kind. He reaches in and pulls out the Pepper Jack, here you go”{that wife of mine certainly stocked me up if I ate all this on a trip I would weigh 500 pounds! He thinks of his beautiful wife at home worrying and gets a little sad at their plight. Those elders will pay}

     Feng Tian follows behind XiXi like a puppy. “Feng Tian can you stop following me! I feel like I have 185cm shadow following behind me! She trips suddenly and turns to look up at him.”See you made me trip on my dress and I almost dropped the cheese.”

     Feng Tian is looking at her little indignant face and sees the twigs she actually tripped on and bends over to pick them up and tosses them away. She is so funny with her eyebrow scrunched together looking at me with those blue eyes of hers, they seem to change to a dark blue when she is angry.

     “I think it was those twigs, Yun Tai should cl… “Errr”.She interrupts, “Grab those branches of pink and red peonies I think it would be nice to have some flowers on the table”

     Those are YunTai’s favorite I don’t know if I should he debates as he walks over to them, maybe he won’t notice a few from the back gone.

     He walks back into the kitchen with quite a few, pink, red, yellow, he even plucked a couple Treasure Multicolored Peonies from the other side of the garden.

     “While I’m finishing up can you go get Zhang Yu to come in to eat.” XiXi looks up from swirling the eggs in the bowl and shouts across the kitchen.

     She certainly is quite comfortable ordering this princely me about… but for some reason I don’t mind.

     Zhang Yu is sitting assessing the situation when Feng Tian approaches him.

     “Feng Tian before we go back in to eat, I want to say thank you for humoring XiXi, she is just trying to put on a brave face. I think the gravity of our situation isn’t sinking in for her yet,she is always bold and says whatever comes to her mind.

     I will need a few days here to teach her some spells and other secrets of sorcery, then I think she will be more confident in undertaking this assignment. I want to tell you the fact you said you will accompany us makes me feel a bit more confident.”

     Feng Tian is recalling my brother will be here in seven days so we can’t leave before then, I would never hear the end of it from Feng Che.  That’s good he plans on teaching her for several days so I can delay leaving .

     I wonder if the Old  Master told Yun Tai he could teach her some cultivation. She needs more than a little help,  her only skills appears to be cooking and giving  out orders. 

     Zhang Yu continues, “I may be a third grade Sorcerer but I am an astute businessman and I can size up a man fairly well . Since we came into contact with you I sensed you aren’t an ordinary man.

     I will be blunt here and ask you straight out. Why do you want to accompany us, who are you really?”


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