At The Spring

  XiXi wakes up in the morning with the sun blazing in her window. She squints her eyes at the brightness and looks around the room. This isn’t the same room I was in before, it’s not LingLing’s room

     Hmmm. well, the bed is as comfortable, she bounces on it a few times as she stretches her arms into the air. She is laughing, drinking all that bubbly wine last night I don’t feel bad at all and springs out of bed.

     Xixi has a habit of talking aloud to herself when she first gets up in the morning, all these thoughts are running rampant in her mind.

     She sees her dress is the same one from last night and wishes she had her own closet of clothes.

     If LingLing is back maybe I could ask her to borrow another one of her dresses she had quite a selection. I wonder what she is like? It will be nice to talk to a girl maybe we could go soak in the hot spring together. Oh right, I missed my first lesson yesterday, so I’m sure Dad will want me to go straight to it.

     XiXi flops back on the bed and stares at the ceiling, is that jade? Its carved in a pattern of bamboo trees and the mountain behind the hot spring. That is a great idea so when you are lying in bed you can look up and see it.

     They certainly like to decorate with jade. She mutter, “I wonder if they would notice one of the jade bamboo trees missing?” XiXi starts giggling.

     This place is like an exotic resort!

     What a fun day with Feng Tian yesterday, exploring by the mountain and the beautiful sight of those creatures lighting up the sky. I wish I could just wander around and enjoy it. But no, instead I have to train for a potentially dangerous journey.

      “I wonder what they use for money here maybe Dad has some in his Dimensional Space and we could go shopping together somewhere. I don’t want to keep bothering her to borrow her clothes.” She is just rambling to herself unaware two very interested parties were listening 

     I’m glad Dad had a toothbrush for me,as she runs her tongue across her teeth. She heads down to her father’s room to get it and a few other toiletries.

     XiXi decides after she freshens up a bit she will go to LingLing’s room to see if she is awake.

      Both Feng Tian and Ling Ling can hear her talking to herself because of their high martial arts abilities and the fact her room is situated not far from their rooms

     Feng Tian smiles to himself I will show her the cliffs beyond the Plum Blossoms, then we can take a boat out on the Luminous Pearl Lake when she finishes her studies.

     LingLing can’t believe her ears, Feng Tian took that little pest to the mountaintop to see the Wind Whisps!? She has wanted to watch them with him and he never offered to take her there.

     She hinted at him the last time they were both here at Yun Tai’s home and he was so dense he ignored her efforts. He said Yun Tai and him were in a chess competition could she bring them some wine. The future Sect leader acting as his servant!.

     XiXi is unaware Ling Ling’s aura is starting to turn a very smoky black, and is in her Dad’s room gathering up some things, telling him about her shopping idea.

     Zhang Yu says he does have some items they could probably barter but has no idea where they would go. He has been in similar worlds but never this particular one.

     His Space contained some spirit stones, a couple Beast Cores, some unusual potions and some mystical roots, he thought might be useful on this trip. He had also packed a few spirit weapons his friend he met on his last trip traded him.

     XiXi said, “I will ask LingLing, I’m going to meet her after I am done bathing”.

     Yun Tai has no servants yet because he had been gone for so long. He planned on arranging that when he got out of seclusion, he had no idea he would have these guests. XiXi realizes she would need to fetch the water for her bathby herself. She doesn’t think she can carry the water she needs to the bathtub in the washroom.

     She remembers she saw a small waterfall that came down into a spring when she got lost. It was on the edge of the bamboo forest, probably the water source for the stream Feng Tian and her had walked to yesterday.

     The waterfall would be clean she thinks so she decides to go bathe there. XiXi figures at least with her products from home she can condition her hair and use the moisturizing soap her grandmother was famous for creating.

     XiXi gets to the waterfall and looks around to make sure no one is in the vicinity and takesoff her clothes, although for now I will need to put the same dress on I will be fresher.

     She climbs into the water with her shampoo and swims over to the waterfall, there is a nice size rock she can sit on while she lathers up her hair.

     The spot is sunny too, so she considers lying on it to dry her hair when she finishes.

     Sitting on the rock looking at the waterfall while she was washing her hair she feels like she was at a spa in the mountains.

     XiXi begins to sing an old song her grandfather loved. It had many high notes and was difficult to sing but for some reason this waterfall made her think of it. XiXi’s voice is echoing through the area and a certain fox is in a trance listening to it.

     He has lived in the forest here for eight hundred and sixty two years, only one girl befriended him. The little Sorceress that used to come here to bathe.

     The fox is curious and heads over to the spring, he looks at the girl on the rock and rubs his eyes with his paws.

     It couldn’t be her, she was killed by the Seventh Demon King himself when she refused his advances. He was a young fox whose spirit powers had not fully developed, he had tried to intervene but he was no match. 

     A spirit fox has many talents but his opponent was the Demon King. That boy had been there too.

     The fox’s memory is hazy and not complete. I need to consider it before I approach her, she must be staying at the boy’s house. I will rest then investigate further.

     That boy has long  grown up and is a formidable man , when he comes to visit, he never mentions that day and I know not to bring it up.

     The fox  lays down in the grass listening to the song, closing his eyes and traveling in his mind to a distant time in the past.

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