A Mythical Beast?!

 Last week a strange man came to Zhang Yu using the code words from the elders so he accepted the assignment.

     He was to create a transporting spell which would allow him to go to this magical place to retrieve the Beast Core from an ancient Mythical Beast.

     Zhang Yu wasn’t to ask any questions just once the Core was placed in a special bag he was to hand it over to this musterious man’s subordinate.

     He was surprised the elders had referred this man to him because trafficking in Mythical Beast Cores was outlawed by the Sorcerer Society a hundred years ago. Several instances of men using them to gain political power or wealth had disrupted the balance of the modern mortal world.

     This man must be holding something over on the elders to gain their help, or the elders were greedy for the profit to be gained. Most likely the second reason since the change in leadership they are obsessed with the power money can buy. The new leadership has turned a blind eye to Beast Core trafficking apparently.

     It didn’t seem that complicated until he researched the dragon in his father’s ancient book of Mythical Beasts. It seems this particular beast, The Zehran Water Dragon has lived for a thousand years undisturbed under a waterfall because of its ferocious nature.

     Its massive body can become fluid as water yet still breathe fire when disturbed. Its beast core is located in the middle of a hexagon between its red eyes according to a diagram in the book. The head is covered in scales that are virtually impenetrable unless you use a sword made of  ancient backbones of Silver Snakes forged together.

     There is only one such sword in existence and the rumor in the Sorcerer community says that this sword belongs to an arrogant Immortal. So most likely gaining that sword is out of the question. Zhang Yu was disheartened by this information but to ensure his family’s survival he had no choice but to proceed.

     He then attempted to create a similar armament using modern titanium which he placed in his Dimensional Space.

     The only time this Mythological Beast is at all vulnerable according to the book is when it is mating. It was believed to be the only one of its kind until a female was discovered in another realm.

     The strange man who had come with the job had spent a great deal of money to have this female transported to this magical island. The mating season is to begin in one month so Zhang Yu had expected to have more time to prepare.

     The bottom line was Zhang Yu due to his family’s circumstances could only do as they asked. He wondered why they would have a third grade Sorcerer undertake the procuring of such a high level Beast Core. The reality is he could only assume he was expendable if he failed.

     This information was all recounted to XiXi in hopes she would understand the dire situation they were in  therefore not do anything rash.She can be very hot headed and act impulsively. 

     Why did she get transported along with me..this is bad…very bad.

     Now not only did he need to venture into this dangerous situation unprepared but with his precious daughter at his side.

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