A Long Conversation

Zhang Yu and Feng Tian continue their conversation from before breakfast out at the stone table in the courtyard. Feng Tian begins to have a better understanding for the motivation of Zhang Yu.

     Zhang Yu immediately gets to the point, “ You, I’m sure look down on me because I am a third grade Sorcerer but the reason I only reached that level was because I was home schooled. I was only supposed to have to do low level assignments for The Society once a month to pay back my father’s debt.

     Most of the other novice Sorcerers went to The Academy where they went through rigid instruction taught by experts in each field. They spent years there honing their abilities, cut off from their families while they were there. But, because of the lack of familial love many of these Sorcerers didn’t have basic compassion or feelings,any moral values, just excellent skills and ambition. Sorcerers of my generation started to work for The Syndicates.

     My father never intended for me to become a Sorcerer, it wasn’t until his father needed the Sorcerer Society’s help that I was even aware of sorcery. In our world the number of Sorcerers has diminished over the years it is not readily accepted concept that a person can have supernatural powers.

     I’m not going to tell the whole story, but I laughed when my father whose profession was a chemist, your equivalent in a manner of an alchemist but not so lofty, told me he was a Sorcerer from many generations of Sorcerers. A family of the most outstanding Sorcerers who helped found the Sorcerer’s Society. I was incredulous until he demonstrated his powers.

     I received the books of my family from my father and studied myself. He was taking care of his sick  father and running a cosmetics company,  so he was unable to guide me. When he was able he would explain or demonstrate some spells but he had long ago become disgruntled with the whole leadership and new direction of the Sorcerer Society.

     I had a full time job, a wife and a little daughter so I just did the minimal to be able to complete my jobs, I personally don’t like being a Sorcerer either. I enjoy my mundane job and a simple life with my family .Getting involved with the devious people in charge of the Sorcerers Society was the worst mistake my father led me into, but I understand they held the key to his own father’s survival.

     Feng Tian is becoming somewhat fascinated with this story Zhang Yu is telling.. A world with no magic, or rather where the number was a fraction of the population and the rest scorned it. In the Cloud Kingdom and other six Kingdoms, Sorcerers were highly respected. So his world was producing Sorcerers with no conscience, in other words, it sounded like evil forces could take a hold easily in their world.

     Zhang Yu “If you can help me to stop these people I think it would benefit both of us. I can see by your expression you understand the situation my world is in right now and that these people have their eyes on your world also.

     What kind of resources does this Black Blood Syndicate have to be able to gain access to your world and capture a female Zehran Water Dragon just to get the Beast Core from the Male Zehran Water Dragon. I’m not fully aware of this Mythological Beast but I researched a little before I was prematurely sent here, it is ancient and formidable.

     Obviously, no Beast hunter for a thousand years has been able to come close to it. It’s Beast Core must hold some special interest for these people, willing to expend money and effort to extract it.I think there is much more than we can see right now of what their ultimate plan is.

     I am going to start teaching XiXi later this morning when she returns from the hot spring. I don’t think it was an accident she was transported with me. I heard a somewhat indistinguishable voice warning me before I was hit by lightening and I felt it was the voice of Zhang Chao my great grandfather. The voice then said Red Lotus something, I couldn’t understand then it trailed off as I was hitting the space plane between our worlds.

     He used to call her his Little Lotus because she has a mark behind her ear that looks like a Red Lotus. I don’t know if there is a connection or not, I have been mulling this over in my mind since I woke up.”

     Feng Tian is wondering when Zhang Yu said Red Lotus, why does that seem familiar to him.

     That’s right, he has seen the same constellation in the night sky for three days. It is stars formed into a lotus formation. I wonder what all this means. Does it have something to do with his little beauty?

     Feng Tian looks at Zhang Yu and is glad he doesn’t want to attempt to extract the beast Core just wants to figure out a plan to save his family. This makes a collaboration more readily possible. I won’t let anything happen to my little beauty.

     Suddenly Feng Tian feels a presence past the bamboo forest and rushes over without thinking about Zhang Yu witnessing him flying. He would have to know his abilities soon enough

     He grabs a black clothed man and whips him around as he pulls off his mask,

     “Chen Gu, what is one of my brother’s shadow guards doing here eavesdropping?”

     “ Ah, Feng Tian it’s been awhile”

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