A Little Water Trick…

XiXi is getting a little dizzy from the wine and spinning around, she stops and says,“Do you want to marry LingLing ?”

     Feng Tian asks incredulously, “Why would you say that?”

     XiXi feeling that might have been awkward, ignores the question and says, “Grab the wine! Let’s go on the lake!”

     Feng Tian loves carrying XiXi in his arms, he swiftly picks her up and she playfully puts the flower wreath on his head.

     “Now, you look like a fairy princess.” She thinks it’s hilarious, he’s holding her so he can’t take it off.

     “…” Feng Tian

     They get to the boat, Feng Tian removes the flowers from his hair and puts it back on XiXi’s head.

     “If you don’t want me to drop you from the sky don’t put flowers on my head again”

     He takes XiXi”s hand and helps her onto the boat then pushes the boat away from shore with his palm and jumps onto it.

     The stars are just starting to come out and the moon is full tonight , the moonlight reflecting on the water causing it to  shimmer.

     Just as XiXi looks around the Phoenix Fireflies are starting to cluster around the lake.

     XiXi can’t contain her excitement at the sight, “Feng Tian this ..this..You always bring me to the most wondrous places!”

     “It is named Luminous Pearl Lake because of these Phoenix Fireflies. Every night they illuminate the lake, it appears as though Night Pearl lanterns are hung around it. You can see through the water to the fishes and plants all the way to the bottom which is several hundred km deep.

     XiXi is sipping her wine and she sees a creature at the edge of the lake. It is large and could be compared to a lion , only its mane is bright red and it has wings laying flat on its sides. It seemed to be staring at them.

     “That creature Yun Tai named Siyu, it is an ancient Mythological Beast called a Panthera. His mate died a hundred years ago but every night he comes here and stares across the lake waiting for her to come back.”

     “So sad!” XiXi looks at the majestic appearance of Siyu, almost feeling his pain reflected in its eyes. It has an aura of complete loneliness surrounding it.

     Feng Tian leans back, watches XiXi looking at the Panthera and the Phoenix Fireflies surrounding the lake. She is so innocent , I’m very worried about her on this journey. I can protect her physically, but she is going to have to strengthen her mind before we go.

     I think if Yun Tai teaches her some cultivation and she learns some sorcery but still , seeing her like this I see that in her world she didn’t see any pain or struggles. I should explain what to expect at least.

   Not right now though, we have time and she looks so blissful looking at the lake and the surroundings..

     “Feng Tian, why are you looking so serious, pour us some more wine.”

     XiXi has another cup of wine and opens the cake to have another piece. She is feeling a warm glow from the wine and the tranquil atmosphere of the lake.

     She is starting to enjoy drinking wine here, so sweet and it make her feel so warm inside.

     “This cake has a very good texture and the flavor is indescribable, here Feng Tian have a bite. She reaches towards his mouth with a piece of cake in her hand, “Open your mouth”.

     Feng Tian is also feeling the effects of the wine and does as she asked. Her small fingers hold a piece of cake that is crumbling as she puts it in his mouth.

     “Isn’t is delicious?” she asks him, licking her fingers.

     He can’t take his eyes off her mouth sucking on that finger, “Yes, very delicious”.

     XiXi walks over to the edge of the boat and looks over at the fish. She could see layers and layers of different varieties and sizes of fish.

     Some of the fish were swimming around, some were eating plants of various colors.

     There were striped fish, spotted fish and some that seemed transparent.

     She wants to see how far she can see to the bottom of the lake and is leaning on the edge, such a magical colorful sight!

     Feng Tian is staring up at the lotus constellation in the sky, when a star falls away from the formation headed in their direction.

     All of a sudden XiXi feels a burning sensation behind her ear and screams in pain.

     She reaches to touch behind her ear and loses her balance as she  leans over the railing.

     Feng Tian rushes over just as she is about to go over the edge, grabs her by her thin waist and pulling her into his arms.

     XiXi looks up into his beautiful green eyes and for a moment she thinks is he looking at her the way, Qing Jun does?

     Still holding her he exclaims, “Why did you scream in pain?”

     XiXi comes to her senses and says,” You can let me go, I’m fine, I was just startled. I think I got bit by something on my neck, I felt a sting.”

     Feng Tian thought there are no biting insects on this land, what could it have been. “Should I look at your neck?”

     XiXi doesn’t want him to see the Red Lotus birthmark and quickly says “No!”

     She didn’t mean to snap at him, she feels he is becoming a good friend to her. He isn’t as arrogant as when she first met him.

     He has taken me to see so many breathtaking sights. I should show him the water trick.

     “Feng Tian, do you want to see something I learned today?” XiXi feels since they will be going on the journey together, she could show him.  It is a minor trick.

     “Pour me another cup of wine and I will show you.”

     ” XiXi this wine is specially made by an old hermit who lives at the base of Stormy Cloud Mountain one of the Cloud Mountains. It’s very sweet but strong, I think you might have had enough wine”You almost fell overboard!

    “ Stingy!”, she takes the bottle from his hands and pours a cup. “I’m about to show you something amazing!”

     XiXi sits down and thinks about the hand position ,order of the words of the spell and the three seconds in between, now I have to think how to say it.

     Feng Tian looks at her tapping her fingers on the seat, as though she is being very serious about something. I want to go hug her right now and kiss the tip of her nose, that serious face of hers is too adorable.

     She picks up her wine and finishes it in two gulps and says “Ready! Come here and stand with me by the railing.”

     Feng Tian obediently strides over to stand beside XiXi.

     “Look out at the water over to the East, don’t watch me’”, I probably shouldn’t expose how I do the trick..

     XiXi puts her hands together as directed by Zhang Yu, she glances over at Feng Tian, good he is looking out towards the water..

     She chants the spell and looks over in Feng Tian’s direction. “Did you see it?”She asks excitedly.

     “What? Did you  throw a pebble in the wate,r I saw it ripple”, he says quite seriously.

     Maybe I was too far away she  walks towards him. “Feng Tian I am going to stand behind you to the right, don’t look”.

     He is laughing to himself what is she doing, I think she definitely is drunk from the Peach Blossom wine.

     XiXi places her fingertips together raises them to her chest and begins to chant quietly keeping three seconds in between the words. She looks to the water and sees a tiny geyser by the bottom of the boat.

     Feng Tian looks down at the water and laughs, “That little spurt of water was your trick?”, he starts laughing uncontrollably, holding his side.

     Seeing him revert back to the arrogant man, XiXi gets angry and kicks him in the leg her face a crimson shade of red. “It was my first day! I thought the geyeser would be bigger in a lake!” She almost feels like crying from the humiliation. I actually said amazing!

     Feng Tian holds his leg, still laughing, he is rather tipsy himself,” Why did you kick me ?”

     “Just you watch, I’m going to do it one more time, I know I can make it bigger. I’m going to sit and have a little more wine first. Pass me the bottle.”

     “XiXi…really..haha…you shouldn’t.”

     XiXi finishes the wine, stomps over to where Feng Tian is standing then pushes up the sleeves of her dress.

     “Feng Tian I am going to have to be louder this time I think, so see that tree over there?” She points to the tallest tree in the woods by the lake. ” Use that qinggong of yours and go sit on it, you will have a nice view. I will make a geyser you can see, I know I can!”

     Feng Tian decides to humor her and flies to the top of the tree. He sits on a branch swinging his legs back and forth.

     The way she pushed up her sleeves and stomped over to hme. Those little feet didn’t make an audible sound on the wooden floor of the boat.  He  looks down at the tiny figure passing around the boat muttering to herself.

     XiXi decides she will say it in a forceful tone, using all her mental energy.Feng Tian is up in that tree, there are no people around because of Yun Tai’s array formation. The only creature I see is the lonely beast over there.  Maybe this geyser will get his mind off his mate for a minute,  the water formation will be so beautiful lit up by those fireflies.

     She is concentrating all of her mind’s power towards her hands, that once again are in the position Zhang Yu taught her. Her mind she goes over the rhyming words, then three seconds is crucial to the spell. I’m ready,

     I’m going to show that arrogant man what I am capable of doing!

     XiXi begins the spell with all of her mind focused on her hands and the words.

     She begins shouting them in a commanding tone, three seconds apart one by one, she gets to the last word and is almost in a trancelike state.

     She looks up from her hands that are shaking, shocked to see half the lake forming a swirling wall in front of the boat rocking in the water. Fish are flying everywhere, the force from the air around the water is so turbulent, a force like a suction drawing her off the boat towards the top of the wall of water.

     XiXi is frightened out of her mind, am I going to drown or get crushed by the water? As her body moves through the water she can feel water being sucked into her lungs, oh my God it’s is getting hard to breathe. The swirling foaming water is like a cyclone building into the shape of a massive wall of water. Her delicate body is being twisted as it is caught in the flow of water heading up the water wall’ 

     Fish are flying  into her from every direction as they also are getting sucked into a devastating strong current moving upwards.

     She begins to cry as she is momentarily  suspended in the air by the wall of water about to come crashing back down into the lake. XiXi closes her eyes tightly, ready to die knowing the wall of water is beginning to collapse

    Suddenly she  feels the soft fur of an animal under her. XiXi leans onto its neck and holds on to its mane, coughing up water.

     Feng Tian swiftly flies from the tree, but she is already being carried to shore by the Panthera.

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