Chapter 8 Come With Me

Li Tian speeds towards his Club in his Black Bugatti Veyron cursing Song Sara and Zhou Mo for forcing him to lose his temper. Damn that girl! It serves her right to be entangled with that hedonist second generation bastard Tzu Yibo he probably treats her like shit that is why she has that attitude towards men. {Actually it is just you Li Tian…}

   Screeching into the front of the Black Jade Club he stretches his long legs out of the low sports car as several of the women out front watch him. He recovers his cool and unapproachable demeanor as he exits his car. Throwing his cigarette onto the ground he tosses his keys to a muscular man dressed in black walking towards him. Li Tian’s voice is low as he asks, “Are they here?”

   “One is waiting upstairs for you, the German hasn’t arrived yet.”

   As he lazily walks by a group of people a beautiful woman dressed in a silver backless mini dress whispers to her friend, “Isn’t that Li Tian? My god is is so handsome!”

   “I met him at the Jing daughter’s engagement party he was with that Brazilian super model Bianca. I heard he has a different beautiful woman on his arm at every event.”

   “You met him? What is he like?” Her friend is eager for all the gossip.

   “Calm down Ella, I don’t know anything about him except what I read in the news. He was cold and indifferent the only reason he even greeted me was because of my father. His cousin Huang Yuan is adorable though I wonder if he will be here tonight.” It begins to thunder and some raindrops are falling, Ella quickly panics,“Let’s hurry inside. My stylist took two hours to prepare me to go out tonight.”

    Inside the Club the music is blaring and the downstairs is packed with people. The interior has a Western vibe and the lighting is flashing multicolored lights on a DJ above the dance floor.

    Li Tian takes long strides to an open staircase that leads to the upper floors. Each of the private rooms on the second floor has a big tinted window so the people inside on this floor can look down at the dance floor. They can see out but no one can see within the room. The next floor is where Li Tian’s office is located and a few very private rooms are located. He heads directly up to his office where the buyer is waiting for him to arrive.

    Downstairs Bi and her two friends are sitting at a tall bar table on the side watching the scene. “This place is amazing Bi! How did you get VIP entrance?” Bi doesn’t want to tell them she bugged her brother Chao to get her a VIP pass when she heard Fang Yuxian has an exclusive private room here. 

     Since her brother became a popular actor he has access to anywhere he wants to go.”I won it on one of those radio programs where you call in.” She doesn’t want to reveal anything about her family to these two women.

   Bi’s coworker Lee Xun grumbles,“Oh, too bad the giveaway didn’t include free drinks too, these are expensive.”

   Her other coworker Sun Vicki looks around, “Xun there are a lot of rich guys here just find one to buy you drinks, that is what I am going to do.” She fixes the top of her dress to reveal a little more cleavage.

   “…” these two! Bi looks at the door she hasn’t seen Fang Yunxian come in yet, could he have entered by some back VIP entrance? “I will be right back I’m going to the restroom.”  It is too noisy in the bar to call Sara she wonders what is taking her so long to get to the Club.

     Bi doesn’t know how much longer she can listen to these two idiots. As she gets down the hallway it is quieter she dials Sara’s number, “Sara! Where are you it is almost ten o’clock!” 

    A man and a woman push past her kissing feverishly the man pushes the door of the men’s room dragging the woman clinging on him inside. Bi ‘s face contorts as the woman’s heavy perfume assaults her nose. “I’m getting ready now I will get a taxi. I won’t be too long. Is your CEO crush there yet?”

   She looks at her watch. ” I didn’t see him come in the front door do you think there is a VIP entrance?”

 “Bi, for god’s sake how the hell would I know?” She is drying her hair after her shower, “If you know he will be there don’t worry when I get there I will help you find out what room he is in with his friends. Don’t get drunk before I get there and go roaming around the Club! Stay with your friends so you don’t get into any trouble!”

   “Sara I’m not a child! But hurry up!”

   After Sara hangs up it dawns on her even if they find out his room how is Bi going to approach him? She really should just enjoy her night and not worry about seeing Fang Yunxian there. 

    Really a Club is not a good place to …oh my God! What if he is with a woman and Bi bursts in on them. Sara blushes at the thought of her friend embarrassing herself and runs to Bi’s room to get the dress.

    What the hell Bi! This dress is ‘conservative’? Dammit! I can’t waste time and take the chance they won’t let me into the Club so I have to wear this dress. I need to go save Bi from possibly making a fool out of herself. 

    She pulls on the skintight black dress, luckily because she is shorter than Bi the dress it comes mid thigh on her. She grabs the black high heels by Bi’s bed.

    Sara goes into her room and puts on some simple diamond stud earrings and a delicate necklace with a small diamond pendant she has had since she was in High School. She brushes her long black hair braiding it to the side. 

    Afterwards she rubs some light lily scented lotion on her legs and arms. Applying a little mascara and eyeliner she takes a bright pink lipstick and colors her lips. Hurrying Sara grabs a coat and walks out of her room.

   Sara turns off the lights and leaves the apartment calling the taxi, when she sees it is raining she tells the dispatcher, “I will be inside the entrance way I don’t want to wait outside in the rain.”

   She watches out the window watching the rain come down, when she hears a loud thunder clap she is startled she has always been afraid of thunderstorms since she was young. 

    Her phone rings the cab is here. She puts her coat over her head and goes out the door carefully so she doesn’t slip. Once inside the cab she tells him, “The Black Jade Club.”

   The Club isn’t far but it is across the river so they need to go over the bridge on Hyan Street. As they do Sara closes her eyes shivering listening to the thunderstorm thinking what a shitty night to go out. I would rather be sitting at home blogging or watching a drama than going over this scary bridge.

   When they get there Sara gives the driver cash, her credit card is getting low on funds until her paycheck is deposited into it. Bi said to tell the man at the door she is meeting Han Bi who has a VIP membership. 

     She laughs she was there when Bi was badgering her poor brother for the VIP pass. It was too funny watching them fighting. Bi would plead he would say no…but eventually he had no choice but to give in or listen to her pester him during the entire time he was home visiting. 

   Getting out of the cab she tries to hurry to the door she slips, closing her eyes expecting to face plant on the ground. Surprisingly she doesn’t feel the ground but a strong chest and a large hand around her waist. She looks up into a handsome foreigner’s face, he has deep green eyes and very blond hair.

   A dark haired man behind him is holding an umbrella over his head. Catching her breath she tries to speak but she can’t say anything. Her eyes are wide and her mouth opens stuttering, “I’m so sorry! Thank.. thank you.”

   Still holding her tightly in his arms he laughs then speaking with a German accent, “Miss, are you alright? ”

   She realizes she is still clutching onto his arm and quickly takes her arm away, blushing she replies “Yes..yes.”

   “Good.” He casually walks away into the Club. Sara is in a daze from that encounter her heart is still pounding from being held so close by the handsome foreigner. 

     She feels the rain…Oh Shit! She puts her coat up again and slowly walks to the door. “Hello, I am to meet one of your VIP members Han Bi.” He expressionlessly looks at the list and waves her into the Club. Sara smiles that was easier than she tought it would be.

   Sara looks around for Bi, this place is packed I will need to call her. She walks over to check her coat then goes into a short hallway to call. “Bi where are you I’m here.”

   “Sara we are at a tall table on the right side about halfway down the bar.”

   “I will be right there.”

   Winding through the people she spots Bi and the two other women. Sara waves then hurries over. “Hi! Wow it is really loud in here!”

  The two women look her up and down appraising her as their competition. Damn Bi is beautiful but her friend is breathtakingly gorgeous how are they going to find a man if they continue to sit with these two. 

     Xun whispers something to Vicki then Vicki says, “Bi we are going by the dance floor now that your friend is here.” Bi is actually relieved they are obviously ditching her but that is great! Now she can freely talk to Sara.

   “Bi what is with your friends I barely arrive and they leave.” She chuckles, “Do they not like me for some reason?”

   “ they want to find some rich guysto buy them drinks so they think if they dance they will attract them.”

   “Oh that is cool. What are you drinking?”

   “It is pretty isn’t it, she swirls the glass in her hand. “This cocktail is called a Mai Tai.”

   “I will have one of those.” She motions for a cocktail server to come over. “So… Have you seen your handsome CEO yet.”

   Bi glances at her watch, “No and it is almost eleven o’clock.”

   The server brings her Mai Tai,“Well after I have this drink we can look around. But Bi don’t do anything reckless, I mean he could..” She hesitates, “Have a date.”

   She thinks Bi will be upset but Bi quickly says, “ I have confidence in my charm. Even if he has a date I can get rid of her.”

“…” Sara spits out her drink, that was shameless! “Calm down Bi you work with him everyday if it is meant to be it will work out.

   While Sara and Bi are enjoying their cocktails, upstairs Li Tian is discussing an arms deal, “Well now that the German has arrived what do you two think?” 

   “I think you are a cheap bastard who is trying to rip me off!” The imposing looking Arab chomps on the end of a cigar. Li Tian’s men have there hands on the guns inside their coats. Li Tian motions to his bodyguards,”No need.”

   Staring at him with a condescending look over his glass of wine he responds, “Masoud, we are gentlemen we can work out the details. What do you think Noah?”

   “I think the last deal was adequate but with the new technology of the latest weapons those are already outdated. The only people who will buy them are the impoverished rebels. It was Masoud who didn’t have foresight when he was too anxious and agreed to your terms without properly assessing the weapons potential buyers.”

   Masoud tries to stand up to confront Noah but a well built dark haired man pushes him back onto the couch. Masoud’s assosiate angrily comes forward to confront the bodyguard when Li Tian motions to his bodyguard to subdue both of them. “Calm down Masoud, Noah as usual didn’t mince words, that is exactly the case. I am a businessman is it my fault you didn’t think ahead. But that is in the past. I am willing to cut a deal with you that will benefit all of our interests.”

   “Let’s have a drink and discuss the shipment I received yesterday from the Russians.” 

     After they work out the details all the men are satisfied the profits will be high for everyone. They have several drinks while they haggle back and forth over the money. When they conclude Li Tian says, “Jing, send in the women.”

   Noah declines his hospitality, “Tian I have other matters to take are of I will see you on Saturday to inspect the merchandise.” Masoud would like to indulge but his jealous wife insisted on joining him on the trip to Catang City so she is in the hotel waiting for him.

     The girls are already walking into the room Li Tian has a devilsh grin, “You don’t know what you are missing these girls were trained by Yufie to serve without restraint. He has a devilish grin on his face as he grabs the breast of a beautiful woman next to him then kisses her fiercely

   Masoud hesitates as he lustfully stares at the half dressed women, dammit! Why did I bring that nagging shrew with me on this trip! Noah smirks at the scene as he walks down the stairs. Li Tian was distracted during the meeting that isn’t like him I will need to find the cause, that demonlike man never shows a weakness.

   While Sara and Bi are drinking they see Sara’s fiance Tzu Yibo walking past them with two women on his arms, Bi is getting drunk on the strong Mai Tais although they are sweet they have several types of rum in them. She winks at Sara then shouts, “Hey Yibo! You don’t even stop and say hello to your fiance?”

   Sara grabs her sleeve, “What the hell Bi!”

   Tzu Yibo turns to see Sara and Bi, he shoves the girls off of him and says “Scram.” The two women glare at Bi then say, “Yibo..” He tosses some money at them, “I said SCRAM!”

   Bi starts laughing as she teases him, “The awesome Young Master Tzu is paying for girls now?”

   Yibo smirks at her, “Shut up Han Bi! What the fuck are you yelling at me for anyway! Sara doesn’t care… do you Sara! I’m just at the Club for my friend’s birthday gathering.”

   Sara is quietly sipping her drink thinking why are you bringing me into your little feud. “Bi you know our engagement is a big farce leave Little Yibo alone. Yibo, hey buy us a couple drinks then go back to your little playmates ignore Bi she is in a mood.”

   Bi’s eyes light up maybe he is here to meet Fang Yunxian their companies do business together, “Yibo, since when do you have friends? Who are they I want to see if they really exist. Haha… haha…” She mockingly looks aroundthe bar.

   “…” Yibo, Sara and Han Bi are childhood friends, he has always had a crush on Bi  but she ignores him. The cocktail server comes by and he orders a round of drinks, “Bi you are no one to talk the only person that can put up with you is Sara here only because she is too nice.”

   Sara butts in, “Hey don’t bring me into this!” She can see Bi hopes the friend he is meeting is Fang Yunxian so she says, “Yibo, who are you with here tonight?”

   Bi grabs Sara’s hand under the table squeezing it. Yes..thank you Sara!

   “He is a business associate, the CEO of the Fang Group, I should get up there.” He doesn’t want to go it has been awhile since he saw Han Bi, she is still as beautiful and sassy as ever he can hardly take his eyes off of her right now.

   Sara has an idea, “Stay and have a drink with us. She pretends to pout,” You aren’t going to ditch your fiance are you?”

   The three of them start laughing. Tzu Yibo shakes his head, “Sara, I’m sorry our parents forced this engagement on you. I will figure something out. I really thought with my ‘playboy’ image your father would reject it.”

   “Are you kidding? That old fart only wants the business connection he doesn’t care about my feelings. But let’s not talk about that. We are here to have a good time tonight!” She raises her glass so the three of them clink them together, “To childhood friends!”

   Her smile is dazzling as she toasts their friendship which catches the eye of Li Tian who is leaning over the railing on the third floor looking down at the crowd He has been drinking heavily and was fooling around with the women in his private room but got bored.

   He wants someone fresh tonight, a beauty to make him forget his frustrating day. He notices Sara smiling and laughing with Bi and Yibo, that woman is beautiful, a flawless face and her creamy white skin is highlighted by the black silk dress she is wearing. Her seductive smile is tempting as she gazes up at him.{She is not looking at you she is trying to see the private rooms on the second floor}

   Sara is looking up the stairs,“So the private room your friend is in is on the second floor? I have never been here before are the private rooms luxurious?”

   Yibo looks around the bar several men are drooling looking at Han Bi. What the hell is she wearing that skimpy dress for to this Club? She could get in trouble! He doesn’t worry about Sara she isn’t the airhead Bi is, he makes a quick decision,“Why don’t you two come with me to the gathering?”


































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